Here at Kingsmen Kustoms, we offer a wide variety of services:


Hydrographic printing is known by several names. It is also called water transfer printing, immersion printing, cubic printing, camo dipping and hydro dipping.

This printing technology is based on a water-soluble film, upon which printed patterns of ink are applied. This film base dissolves in the water using an activator, leaving the ink behind. The ink then adheres to any 3D item dipped into it. The hydrographic process can be used on metal, plastic, glass, hard woods, and various other materials.

Custom Painting

Custom paint can be defined in many ways.

In the simplest, most easily definable way, it is one-of-a-kind paint that is different than anyone else’s paint.

Custom paint colors

At Kingsmen Kustoms, we understand that the color you choose is more than just a pretty shade. Color communicates identity, evokes feeling and reflects your professional style. That's why we take pride in matching your color precisely, whether its your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) color or a unique color to make your project stand out.

We also offer all standard colors from BASF as well as any custom colours that you may want we can mix you a colour that is a one of a kind and just for you.

Vehicle Vinyl Wraps

Make your car look unique just like you! Black out chrome, add racing stripes, interior trim & panels wrap...

Make your car stand out! If you dream it, we can wrap it!

Thermo Painting

Thermo Paint (thermochromic paint) or Heat Sensitive Color changing paint will change color at around 86 degrees F.

As the temperature rises, the paint disappears to show what is underneath. The special paint is applied as a base coat underneath a clear coat. It can be made to work with a variety of color combinations.


Change the look of your vehicle with our Headlight & Taillight Paint Tint Service.

We use a variable tinted clear coat, giving it a clean look that will last the life of your car.

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