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Kingsmen kustoms #1 Business Opportunity

Are you ready to learn more? Or maybe you haven’t heard much about Hydro-graphing. Is your business looking for that next level opportunity to set   you apart from everyone else?. Whichever the case may be by joining Kingsmen Kustoms you have the ability to have the income you want while owning your own successful business with no franchise fees.


 This opportunity is a chance to be part of Canada’s #1 hydrographic company providing you with on going support the whole way through your journey. Kingsmen Kustoms also we provide a one week intensive training based out of our headquarters in Mississauga,Ontario, Canada. During your training we will go through techniques on how to; prep, paint, and diffrent dipping techniques, final coat, the curing process, and much more. We Supply you with your first dipping tank, hydrographic films, all products, and all the equipment you need to get your business up and running. Due to high customer demands across all of North America we are rapidly growing. This is where you become our next dealer, all dealers coming on board get a designated territory that we agree upon, this territory is yours to grow to its fullest potential. We want to make sure you can take our name and your loyal clientele and provide them the same high quality of work.

How Does It Work?

If an object can be put into water briefly, or dismantled such as an XBox or computer, it can be dipped. Each item is cleaned and prepped carefully before it is primed and is dipped into the customers choice of film pattern, once dipped it is then cured. The item is then refinished with either a glossy or matte look, this is durable enough to withstand years of enjoyment.

Becoming #1.

Kingsmen Kustoms was created in the summer of 2010. While trying to find someone who could create something uniquely different, Something that stood out amongst everyone else. Here is where we found an untapped market. We now want to provide unique and creative ways for customers to express themselves at an affordable cost that won’t break the bank. The Hydrographing market has been skyrocketing in growth the more people are educated on this process. Kingmen Kustoms pushes the envelope on a daily basis trying new things that have never been done before. So if you want a creative outlet, enjoy hands on work, and want to push the envelope with us, and reshape the way the world sees hydrographing, this is for you!  

About Kingsmen Kustoms

Kingsmen Kustoms is a hydrographic company that transforms your average items into personalized Commodities. Using water-soluble prints,these film can be applied to your automotive parts, accessories, power tools, recreational gear, home furnishings, and more. Our graphic selection, advanced processes, and find detailing allows us to customize amongst any three dimensional object, including; Metals, fiberglass, plastic, ceramic, wood, and glass. We turn average into extraordinary. hydrographics is also konwn as hydro dipping or immersion printing ,water transfer printing and camo dipping.


Kingsmen Kustoms specializes in Hydrographics, Custom painting, Chroming, Vinyl wraping, Window tinting, and so much more hydrographics is also known as hydro dipping people from all industrial sectors along with the general public use us to enhance and improve their products. We have the most competitive pricing on the market for our dealers and our customers.


we also offer custom hydrographic printing for custom films/designs to meet your needs as a dealer or a customer


When you become a dealer with us we will provide extensive training covering every aspect of running a dealership which will include the following;

 * Sales                                     * Marketing

              * Equipment                            * Quality control   

                 * Products                               * Technical support

                                     * Recruiting                             * Health and safety                    

          and we will go over so much more.  

       At Kingsmen Kustoms we create your dreams with an insanely affordable price.


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