All items must be clean and disassembled upon arrival. Any items needing disassembly of any kind will be charged a labour rate of $85-120 per hr with 1hr minimum.

Estimated prices listed below are for custom hydrographics and custom paint:

Liquid wraps (starting at)

  • $2,200 and up depending on the vehicle and what you would like done.


  • $300 - 850: Dash pieces
  • $150 - 325: Steering Wheel
  • $50-75: Door handle cover
  • $60 - 100: Shifter cover
  • $100 -175: Wheel cover (Beauty Rim) each
  • $200 and up: (per) Rim
  • $200 and up: Valve covers (per set)
  • $145 - 225: Window Scoop (per set)
  • $350 and up: Hood Scoop

Interior Package Deals are available upon request.

Motorcycles & Accessories

  • $320 - 1650: Gas Tank and up depending what you want done.
  • $190 - 500: Front Fender
  • $200 - 650: Rear Fender
  • $160: Instrument Bezel
  • $200: Side covers (per pair)
  • $1500 - 4500: Full Package (Tank, 2 fenders & side covers)
  • $325 and up: Rims (each)

ATV & Snowmobiles

  • Prices vary depending on size of Vehicle, please send a picture for quote in an emaIl or text 
  • phone: Adam Djukic (647) 533-4211
  • email:

Guns & Accessories

  • $120 - 220: Scope
  • $200 - 350: Gun Stock
  • $200 - 375: Paintball & Air Soft guns
  • $70 - 125: Face Masks
  • $30 - 50: Enhanced Grip

Helmets & Sports Equipment

  • $135 - 550: Helmets Motorcycle/Sports/Welding
  • $200 - 550: Full Face Helmets
  • $90 - 120: Skateboards
  • $250 - 350: Snowboards
  • $280 - 340: Skis (pair)
  • $40: Golf club (each) we have deals for full sets


  • $45: Game Controller (we use your Original shell)
  • $150 - 200: Game Console (Already disassembled)
  • $200 - 280: Gaming Package (Console & 2 controllers)
  • $275: Computer Tower
  • $185: Key Board and Mouse set

 Household Items

  • $35: 4 Light switch/outlet covers
  • $225: Ceiling fan Blades (All 5)
  • $60 - 110: Vase
  • $122 and up - Cabinet doors (Per door)
  • $35-55 floor vent (per)


What is Hydrographic Printing?

Hydrographic printing is known by several names. It is also called water transfer printing, immersion printing, cubic printing, camo dipping and hydro dipping. This printing technology is based on a water-soluble film, upon which printed patterns of ink are applied. This film base dissolves in the water using an activator, leaving the ink behind. The ink then adheres to any 3D item dipped into it. The hydrographic process can be used on metal, plastic, glass, hard woods, and various other materials.

Who Uses Hydrographic Printing?

Hydrographic printing has been used commercially for decades and is used by printers all over the world. These printers print patterns on items ranging from entire ATV’s to hunting knives. Items that are commonly printed on include sporting equipment, automotive trims and electronics products. Items made of plastic, metal, glass and many other materials and of many shapes can be successfully printed using this method.

What are the patterns for Hydrographic Printing?

There are innumerable patterns that can be applied using the hydrographic printing process. All of the patterns are created by filmmakers specializing in preparing these films. Some patterns are copyrighted: to use these, the printer must pay an additional fee. You can even design your own pattern with us for an additional charge and make it a one of a kind project.

Is Hydrographic Printing a good choice for my item?

Most items of wood, metal, ceramics, glass, fiberglass and plastic respond very well to this printing process. Unlike paint, you can apply complex patterns, such as camouflage and carbon fiber, in a single step. To find out for sure if your item is a good candidate, please contact us.

Is Hydrographic Printing durable?

We like to let our product speak for itself. Some of our regular clientele are vehicle enthusiasts who demand the highest standards of quality and durability. Many parts we manufacture spend the majority of their lives in direct exposure to the sun and extreme weather conditions. The clear coat we use is automotive grade, designed to withstand nature and time.

How scratch resistant is the final product?

The clear acrylic recommended is as durable as the paint used on auto exteriors.


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